4 Love Songs That Would Make Great Greeting Cards

4 Love Songs That Would Make Great Greeting Cards

So many good love songs have been released over the years, from Taylor Swift hits to classic soul songs from artists like Aretha Franklin. I've found that I connect to some more than others. And some are just really great tunes! Living in the hometown of no work-life balance (Silicon Valley), I tend to forget about these great songs, and I think many would make fun greeting cards.


P.S. I love you greeting card for Valentine's Day



‘I Say a Little Prayer’ by Aretha Franklin

Was anyone else obsessed with that scene from My Best Friend's Wedding with the lobsters? One of our close family friends recreated that scene for his son's wedding rehearsal (sorry, no lobsters). This song is so fun and lighthearted and brings me a lot of joy!


My darling, believe me 

For me there is no one but you

Please love me true

I'm in love with you


 ‘Sparks Fly’ by Taylor Swift

This song is what I consider an OG Taylor Swift hit and so easy to make a fun dance to the lyrics! My friends and I made a whole dance sequence that involved skipping and large hand movements in my school years.


Drop everything now

Meet me in the pouring rain

Kiss me on the sidewalk

Take away the pain

'Cause I see, sparks fly, whenever you smile


‘Dancing In the Moonlight’ by King Harvest

To continue with my theme of loving an excellent upbeat dance song, this one is another winner. This is an all-around love song, love for everyone and having a good time. 


We like our fun and we never fight

You can't dance and stay uptight



‘Still Falling For You’ by Ellie Goulding

This one is top on my running playlist right now and only because of the viral video of grandma flower girls at a wedding. Don't get me wrong; it's a great song! But the grandmas as flower girls brought this one up on my list. And what a great idea! I wish I had thought of that for my wedding. 


And just like that

All I breathe

All I feel

You are all for me

Well, there are my top four, but so many more could round out this list and make a great greeting card for the upcoming love holiday. So, what song best defines your love story? Share yours in the comments!

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