Cheers to Another Year

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2022 is off to a strong start with one week under our belts. Nothing terrible has happened yet (I hope I'm not jinking it writing this) and we are looking forward to some celebrations this year! So what do you have on your schedule that you're looking forward to? Maybe a wedding you're attending, a birthday or maybe you're just looking forward to the holidays like Valentine's Day coming up. Whatever you will celebrate this year, you can make it an extra celebration special with a classic gift like a greeting card.

Cheers and eat drink and be merry gift tags for cheers to another year gifts

Cheers to Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After

Whether you are celebrating new love, your loved one, an anniversary or any day, (relationship tip — you should celebrate any random day) a simple classic card can be a wonderful gift. I'm team "bring or send a card" for a wedding gift with a nice check inside. I don't recommend sending cash as there is so much mail theft. I've even seen people steal cards from strange but it happens. If you need present ideas for a loved one, candy and flowers always work out well.


Cheers to love laughter and happily ever after greeting card for a wedding or anniversary or love


Cheers To Another Year of Happiness and Memories — Happy Birthday!

I am looking forward to many birthday celebrations this year! And probably a lot of cakes. As the years go by, a greeting card with a nice note in it means more than a present. If I get a gift for my friends, it's usually something that I've heard them talk about and they love it. Like I got my friend hair scrunchies that she uses daily or even socks. I know it doesn't sound too exciting but practical gifts seem to be in these days!

Cheers to another year of laughter and memories birthday card


Do you ever just want to bring a bottle of wine, other alcohol or maybe flowers as a gift and don't want to wrap it? If yes, gift tags should be your best friend. They sure are mine! They make the gift wrapping with a gold or silver tie (that I provide with my gift tags). You don't even need a bag, although sometimes I do go the extra mile to wrap with a bow.

Cheers gift tags for easy wrapping for a celebration

Cheers to another year!

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