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I tend to agonize over gift giving. I want the gift to be the perfect thing that they want but didn't know they needed. Something they will use and something they will enjoy. Just finding the perfect gift isn't all! Then it needs to arrive on time, wrapped and off to the recipient. I'm not sure what the perfect gift is to give to your lucky recipient, but I know that wrapping it is half the battle. 

I've been following @effectivespaces on Instagram and highly recommend her creative ways of wrapping. She has so many good tips on how to fold clothes, stay organized and tidy. I try to adopt some of her techniques but keep going back to the videos to ensure I'm doing it right! Check out the fitted sheet tip...I haven't completely mastered it yet but my sheets are definitely in more of a square shape now than they ever have been before. 

Back to her wrapping, she has so many innovative ways to wrap and add a gift tag or add a greeting card. Her wrapping is so clean and beautiful that I had to share in this post!

In this post, she's wrapping a perfume bottle. The rectangular shape of the box makes it so this wrapping style could be duplicated on anything similar! Shoe box, hair dryer, watch, those are just a few that came to mind. I love how she adds a gift tag at the end and some dried flowers. Check out the full post by clicking on the image below.  

Effective Spaces Wrapping with Gift Tags
This is another video that looks beautiful! I imagine this could work for a set of candles, a DVD, a book or anything similar in shape. The folds the wrapping creates at the top make a perfect space for a greeting card
Wrapping a Book with a Greeting Card
Other wrapping styles I love include adding something to the bow along with a gift tag to finish off the box. It could be a twig, part of a plant, a candy cane or a spatula to name a few ideas I have come up with in the past!
Celebrate Gift Tag Wrapping
I also enjoy a good color scheme. These black and white wrapped presents are a great idea to keep things simple and classic. Adding a black and white tag completes the wrapping!
Cheers Gift Tags on Wrapped Black and White Presents

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