Decoding Your Gift Wrapping Style

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I've seen all wrapping variations and decided it would be fun to sum up the culprits. So whether you put a lot of effort into your gift wrapping or are just throwing it together because you need to, I see you.

Everyone has a different gift wrapping technique and style, so they get a different outcome. I've seen everything from throwing the present into a grocery store bag and stapling it shut to elaborate paper elegantly tucked in with bows and flowers.

No matter how you choose to wrap, a gift tag is a must to not only tell the recipient it's for them and from you but to tie the whole gift together in an elegant package.

Happy holidays to you gift tag on holiday wrapping paper

Grocery store bag gift wrapping

You either really care about the environment and reuse all grocery bags or just realized you needed to wrap the gift-giving day. I saw this a lot when my daughter was in grade school, and everyone was invited to each other's birthday parties. So let's just say it wasn't a secret who bought the gift at the drug store that day! 

Grocery store gift wrapping in a Walmart bag

White tissue paper gift wrapping

You like to be prepared and have a lot of wrapping materials on hand but nothing that fits this specific need. The white tissue paper is usually used inside a gift bag as it is easily destroyed and used more as an accent than the main piece of wrapping. Using white tissue paper to wrap a present can work if you use enough of it. So I might call this person the opposite of an environmentalist as they need to use more material to wrap than is necessary. 

For you gift tag on white tissue paper gift wrapping

Butcher paper gift wrapping

You love the simple look of an elegantly wrapped piece of meat or deli sandwich. It comes together nicely with twine, a simple ribbon, or maybe some flowers. It's almost like a blank canvas if you are very creative and want to draw on the wrapping yourself. I've seen a lot of beautifully wrapped presents in butcher paper. It's cheap and effective, but if it's too thick, it makes the act of wrapping hard to do!

Celebrate gift tags on butcher paper gift wrapping

Floral gift wrapping

You love antiques and remembering the days in the 90s when floral was hot! Floral wrapping is excellent for a tea party, a girl's birthday, or any event where the recipient may like the antique feel that comes with the wrapping. 

Thank you very much gift tag on floral gift wrapping

Classic gift wrapping

You don't like to deviate from the norm and wrap with a classic birthday or holiday wrapping paper. Think of the wrapping that says "Happy Birthday" in a pattern with candles or cake accents. Or the holiday paper with snowmen and snowflakes. These presents are usually completed with a large bow with a sticker on the back or a classic silk bow tied in the middle. 

XO gift tag on Valentine's Day classic gift wrapping

Gift wrapping can be fun or a very tedious process. Depends on how you look at it! Either way, you need a gift tag to complete the project, and many options are available. Check out our gift tags at!

Gift tags on holiday gift wrapping

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