Gift Tags & Greeting Cards — When to Use Each

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There are a lot of options when it comes to gift wrapping and gift giving. Different types of gift bags, gift wrap, all kinds of different patterns and colors. You also have the options of gift tags and greeting cards. When do you use a greeting card over a gift tag? Different situations and different preferences dictate the use of each. Since we get questions around this topic so often, we thought we'd explain in a blog post. 

Do you need to use a greeting card AND a gift tag?

No way! Personally, I only use one or the other. The choice is completely situational and also based on your preference. If you're more comfortable giving gift tags, go that route. If you want to put a little more effort in for a present, give a greeting card with a longer note.
If you are on the fence and have more of a message to write but not sure which to go with, we recommend our larger gift tags. They have enough space to write a couple of sentences but also give the ease and elegance of wrapping with a gift tag. 
Happy Birthday Gift Tag

When is it best to use a gift tag?

Gift tags can be festive! They are great to add to party favors and happy occasions. They are a good choice for assembling a large amount of gifts for the holidays or multiple gifts for one recipient.
If you're feeling like you want to get gift wrapping done quickly, go with a gift tag. At the very least, the recipient will know it is intended for them and that it is from you. That's important! Especially if you're going to a big party where they may not remember who each gift came from.
Friends Forever Party Favor Gift Tag

When is it best to give a greeting card?

Greeting cards are great for smaller gifts like a gift card or gifting cash for a birthday or celebration. They are also good for longer notes or notes that you only want the recipient to enjoy. (It's easy to see what's on the back of a gift tag!)
Greeting cards can be used for more somber events as well, like a funeral or a get well card. You can express your thoughts in a more open form and it presents as a more thoughtful gesture in an elegant greeting card. 
Sympathy Greeting Card

Whether you're looking for a gift tag or a greeting card, we have a large selection that we hope will inspire your next gift! Check out our gift tags here and greeting cards here

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