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You’re looking for a nice gift or an addition to a gift like a greeting card. Maybe you’re on a time crunch because you didn’t plan super far ahead for the event. Or maybe the event snuck up on you like a neighbor’s birthday party and they invited you in passing that Wednesday. You need a greeting card quickly, but how do you get a nice one quickly? Obviously, you could go to Trader Joe’s or the local grocery store and pick one up. But you can also get a high-quality greeting card from a small business quickly!

Same Day Shipping — Really

I ACTUALLY ship all of our greeting cards on the same day. I will package, print the shipping label, and drop your order off at the Post Office on the same day that you place your order. Unless it’s the middle of the night...then I’ll prioritize my safety and drop it off first thing in the morning. 

Packaged with Care

All of our cards are shipped with care! I add cardboard to small orders to ensure that the cards are not bent during the shipping process. For larger orders, they are complete with bubble wrap so they do not move around too much and get to your door in one straight piece! Who wants a bent card? No one!

Planning Ahead

Even though our items ship quickly, it’s always nice to plan ahead! We always have greeting cards and gift tags on hand at home for different occasions. We have a couple of deals for those that like to plan ahead for you all to stock up on your favorite cards: 

Choose any 3 cards for a discount


Choose any 3 cards for a discount


Choose any 5 cards for a discount

Choose any 5 cards for a discount


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