It's My Favorite Season — Cookie Season

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I always get excited about the holiday season because it's also cookie season! I love cookies. My family loves cookies. My friends love cookies. I don't think I know anyone that doesn't love a good cookie.

There are so many things that you can do with a cookie. There are so many different flavors and so many opportunities for gifts. My husband loves snickerdoodle and sugar cookies, my daughter is a chocolate chip cookie fan, and I love anything with chocolate. They make great gifts! I've given them to teachers at school, for friends at work, for neighbors, and they're great for Christmas dessert.

My family's cookie tastes have evolved over the years, but the classics remain. We used to make these thumbprint-type cookies that were chocolate cookies with mint chocolate as a frosting on top. We still love classic thumbprint cookies with raspberry or apricot jam on top. Huge apricot fans over here!

My favorite cookies involve chocolate, like a chocolate no-bake cookie with peanut butter and oatmeal. So yummy! You can never go wrong with those or a classic chocolate chip cookie. We've been browning the butter and then refrigerating the dough before baking. It makes them a little nuttier!

Whatever type of cookies you like to make, they make the holiday season extra special. Whether you're bringing them to a cookie exchange or wrapping them in little bags to give as gifts, you can turn cookies into a present with a bow and a gift tag.

Cookies are a fun gift! If you don't like baking, you can always just wrap store-bought cookies too.

Check out some of our gift tags that would beautifully finish any cookie gift! And keep in touch with some yummy recipes. We love sharing our favorites!

Cookie Gift with a For You Gift Tag

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