The Holiday Shopping Race Has Begun

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It's Thanksgiving week, and you know what that means...the holiday shopping race has begun! We're off to find the best deals of the year, the pre-Black Friday deals, the Black Friday deals, the Cyber Monday deals, the list goes on and on. It started earlier this month with Single's Day. Did you take advantage of the deals? I'm happy with the 20% discount I got at Kerastase. 

With all of the deals and steals, who wouldn't stock up on daily products AND add in holiday presents? After you place your order, that's where the actual race begins...fulfillment. We recently shared how we tackle the COVID supply chain problem in this blog. The ports in California (and other states) are so backed up. Some of our family members flew in recently and said they could count more than 50 cargo ships just waiting out in the bay. 

With the material delays and lack of truck drivers to keep up with demand, who knows when we'll get our holiday orders this year. For example, I ordered a rug the first week of November, and they haven't even started making it yet. So I think I'll be lucky if I receive it by the new year. 

I'm a big planner, so I make sure that we have a lot of stock of each item in anticipation of orders. Unfortunately, we can't predict when paper or foil will be out of stock, but we try to get ahead of any supply issues and are fortunate to have storage for our products. I fulfill orders the same day! Unless it's nighttime, it'll be the next day that it goes to USPS (primarily for my safety). Once it's in USPS hands, there's not much I can do, but I hope it gets to customers in time! 

With all this said, I'm wishing you a happy holiday shopping season and hope you receive your packages in a timely fashion!

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