Time to Wrap Those Black Friday Purchases

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Today's Cyber Monday and the main shopping event of the year is almost over. How'd you do? I always feel like it's a race to dig through all of the emails and sales to find things I actually want to purchase.

I have a friend that reminds me, "was it really a deal if you weren't going to buy it anyway"? It's a good reminder! All of my purchases this year are presents and products I use daily.

When the purchases finally arrive at our houses, it's time to wrap! (Unless you're like me and just bought everyday items.) Do you have the supplies you need to not only make wrapping easy but beautiful? I put together a quick list of my favorite things that you can easily find at most stores. You really only need 3 things, but one is most important!

The Wrapping

I like to go with basic colors, but you're welcome to go with any color you'd like. I like the wrapping paper that looks like butcher paper. However, if it's too thick, it's hard to wrap with! So any wrapping paper that is black and white or any variation of that are my go tos.

Another one of my favorites is plain gift bags. Any color, but again I tend to lean towards the craft color (beige), white, and black. I do have some blue and green as well! They all work well.


I'm a big fan of burlap. Burlap bows are so pretty and go well with any color wrapping! Of course, a black and white bow is also an excellent option. But, really, any color will work if you stick with plain colored wrapping.

Gift Tags

The final, most important, part of the wrapping is the gift tag! Not only does it tie the entire present together, but it tells you who the gift is for and who it's from. I love simple gift tags with beautiful foil-stamped words. At WowWordz, we have many options to choose from. And they aren't just for the holidays! Gift tags are an excellent option for any gift from thank yous, birthdays, and just because.

Here are a few of our favorites, but check them all out on our website here.


Joy gift tags for Christmas present wrapping

Hanukkah gift tags for wrapping gifts


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