What Is Foil Stamping?

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We go through many rolls of foil every day making the products that you see on WowWordz.com. We use the foil in a process called foil stamping. If you've never heard of it, you're not alone! This specialized technique applies colored foil to the paper's surface. It creates an elegant and classic look that many gravitate towards. Who doesn't like pretty shiny things?

How can foil stamping be used?

Foil stamping can be used to decorate a wide range of products. Interestingly, it's used as an anti-counterfeiting method. Think of the holographic stamps on a baseball card proving its authenticity.
Some use it for packaging products like medicine, beverages, candies, and more. Foil stamping is on stickers, labels, scratch and win tags. It can also be used on more high-end products like greeting cards, gift tags, and wall art. Like ours!

What's the foil stamping process?

Foil stamping uses heat and pressure to stick the foil to the paper's surface. That's why it's also referred to as "hot stamping", "dry stamping", or "dry foil stamping".
The process requires a die, high-quality paper, and a thin layer of foil. (We tend to use gold!) The die stamps the foil in the shape of the design using heat to impress the foil onto the paper. We often use this traditional foil stamping method and embossing (or debossing) together. This helps to create words that "pop" off the page.

What kind of foil do we use?

There are many different types of foil available. These are a few that we use on our beautifully designed greeting cards, gift tags, and art prints:
  • Metalized foil - This foil provides a shiny, metallic look giving a gold or silver finish to our designs. Check out our "Fierce Lady Friendships" card as an example of metalized gold foil.

Fierce Lady Friendships Greeting Card

We didn't realize we were making memories Greeting Card

  • Holographic foil - This foil creates a 3D type pattern like a hologram and makes our cards extra unique! Check out our "Friends Make Life More Sparkly" card as an example of holographic foil.

Friends Make Life More Sparkly Greeting Card

What are the benefits of foil stamping?

Foil stamping is a great way to create a unique and elegantly designed product. There are many options for prints, designs, colors, textures, and finishes. Gold and silver are the most commonly used foils — and gold is our favorite! But those are not the only options. We create designs that incorporate holographic and pigment foils as well.
The foil helps make greeting cards, gift tags, and wall art:
  • More visually appealing
  • The highest quality they can be
  • Eye-catching products that wow the receiver
  • A sustainable product that many will enjoy!
That's foil stamping and one of the reasons our products are so unique!
Want to see some examples of foil stamped greeting cards? Check out our newly designed foil embossed cards on our website here!

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