So Many Reasons to Give Thanks

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We've been eyeing green bean recipes and mashed potatoes for weeks. Finally, Thanksgiving is around the corner! Not only do we love all of the yummy food and pumpkin pie, but this holiday is a great reminder to give thanks. There are so many reasons to thank someone from as little as holding the door open for you to help you land your next job. You could be thanking someone for their time or thanking them for a gift. The reasons are endless!
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Reasons to Express Your Gratitude

There are so many reasons to let someone know that you appreciate them. It could be work-related, for an interview or someone helping you with a reference for a new role. It could be thanking someone for their service, for volunteering, or donating to a charity. The most classic reason to write a thank you letter is for a gift. I know I have some to write!

What Do You Write?

Your thank you could be anything from "I appreciate you" to "Thank you for the incredible gift". There are so many ways to share your thanks.
If you're giving thanks for a gift I always recommend describing how you are using it or sharing how much you love it and why. If the gift you received is money, I recommend sharing what you'll use it for. For example, "I can't wait to go buy a Starbucks every day this week, it'll save me so much time in the morning and start my days off right!"

Quick Thank You Share

I'll share a few things that I am thankful for to give you some inspiration. This past weekend was my mother's 90th birthday. She flew in from Las Vegas. Flying these days is no easy task! Add in that she's 90, very hard of hearing and it's hard for her to walk around the large airport so she gets a wheelchair. Unfortunately, her wheelchair happened to be dropped off at the wrong gate. She has a cell phone and saw the time and asked a person nearby when the plane was going to take off since it should already have been boarding by then. She then quickly realized she was at the wrong terminal! A baggage claim person nearby heard the conversation and quickly jumped into action. He ran her wheelchair all the way to her gate where the plane had already completed boarding. Our whole family is so thankful that he did that! I wish we knew his name so we could send him some cookies as a thank you. 
Once she got here, we had the best time with the entire family. I have 3 siblings that all have 2 kids each and everyone was in attendance. We had a nice meal and shared stories about her past and ancestors as well as funny stories about our childhood with her and our dad. I am so thankful that we were able to all get together for her 90th. It was a great time!
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